How to open a sentry safe Without a key or Combination

Sentry safes are quite useful for storing your valuables and keeping them safe. They are fire-resistant. The manufacturers of sentry safes make different types of safes that are used for a variety of purposes. Their security features are also pretty decent.

Do you own a sentry safe but you are not able to find its key, or have you forgotten the combination of the safe? Well, there’s no need to worry. There are different ways of opening a sentry safe even without a key or a combination.

This can be accomplished by using magnets or by using a paperclip.

How To Open A Sentry Safe Without A Key Or Combination

In this article, we are going to go through all of these tried and tested methods for opening a sentry safe without a key or combination.

How to open a sentry safe Without a key or Combination

Picking the lock using a Nail File

A nail file is actually a pretty useful tool. You can use it to open the sentry safe’s key lock. Here are the steps that you must take:

  • Put the nail file into the keyhole: At first, you need to find a nail file whose end is pointy and its small enough to fit into the keyhole. Insert the pointed end into the keyhole. You will have to go as deep as possible.
  •  Move the file around: After that, you have to twitch the file up and down. This might take a little while, but eventually, you will hear a click that would mean that the pins have been released.
  • Rotate the file: Now, you must rotate the file counterclockwise. Do it the same way as you may have done so with a key. After rotating it you will hear a click that would mean that the safe has been unlocked.

Picking the lock using a Paperclip

You may have seen this in the movies, where a character picks a lock using a paperclip. Well, have you ever thought that this could actually be done? Actually, You can also do it quite easily.

Here are the steps for doing so:

  • Straighten a paper clip: Your first task is to, take a paperclip and straighten it out. You should also cut the paperclip in half using a plier. That would make it easy for you to work with it.
  • Bend the end of the paperclip: Take a pair of pliers and hold one of the ends with them. Then, fold the end to make a “U” shape. The fold should be roughly a quarter of an inch. Make sure the fold remains closed.
  • Fold it again: Now, hold the folded end with the pliers and fold it to right at a 90-degree angle. This will work as your tension tool. This is supposed to be inserted into the keyhole while the other piece of the paperclip unlocks the safe.
  • Fold the other half of the paperclip: Take the other half of the paperclip that you had set aside and bend half a centimeter of one of the ends at a 45-degree angle. This half will work as your key to opening the lock.

This is known as the pick tool.

  • Put the tension tool in the lock: Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to insert the tension tool at the bottom of the lock. The straightened part of the paperclip should be facing down.

Slowly put it in until you feel that the lock is resisting it.

  • Rotate the tension tool: Rotate the tension tool clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the type of the safe. You must rotate it to a 90-degree angle in the same direction as the lock turns.

Do this part slowly and you don’t need to apply too much force into it.

  • Put the tension tool in the lock: Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to insert the tension tool at the bottom of the lock. The straightened part of the paperclip should be facing down.
  • Place the pick tool inside the lock: Next, you need to insert the pick tool inside the keyhole as far as possible. Make sure to keep the bent part of the tool facing up.
  • Move the pick tool around: Keep twitching the pick tool up and down. Ideally, this should rake the security pins of the lock and open the lock. While doing this the tension tool should be turned towards the side.

Keep moving the pick tool around as this might take a while until the safe unlocks. Eventually, you will hear a click that would mean you have successfully unlocked the safe. Then, pull the handle down and open the door.

Open the safe using magnets

This might seem a bit unconventional but you can unlock a digital lock by using a powerful magnet.

Here are the steps for doing so:

  • Buy a powerful magnet: For this purpose, you will be needing a rare earth magnet with a pull force of about 150 pounds. These magnets are pretty cheap. You can purchase one online for 20 bucks. The magnet should be rounded or disk-shaped.
  • Handle the magnet with care: Exercising caution is paramount while using a magnet that has such a high pull force. You could easily injure your fingers if you are careful while operating with it.

Always hold the magnet by its sides, because if your fingers get caught between the magnet and the safe’s surface while the magnets cling onto the surface, your finger could even get broken by the sheer force of it.

Keep the magnet out of the reach of the children. Also, remember that magnets can damage electronic devices. So keep the smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. at a safe distance from the magnet.

Magnets even damage credit cards so keep them away as well.

  • Use a sock: Putting the magnet inside a sock will make the whole process much easier for you, as you will get a better grip on it.
  • Hold the magnet on the safe’s surface: Stick the magnet on the upper left corner of the safe. This is the part that has the locking mechanism embedded inside it.
  • Move the magnet around: Now hold the handle by its sides and move it around. Keep the other hand on the handle of the safe. While sliding the magnet around the safe’s surface puts pressure on the handle.

Keep doing this for some time and the safe will get unlocked.

Using a drill

Since sentry safes aren’t that expensive, they are not that secure and you can break into them. You should be able to use a drill to burrow into the safe as the sentry safes don’t feature the steel alloys or ball bearings to make them resistant to drilling.

But make sure that you have the necessary skills to pull this off. Only use a drill if you are confident in your skills. As this might be a bit dangerous for a beginner.

Use cutting tools

As mentioned above the sentry safes are not reinforced enough and they are vulnerable. You can use a cutting torch to cut into it. This can also be accomplished by using a burner bar.

Make sure that you are comfortable using these tools as they might also be quite dangerous for a beginner.

Drop the sentry safe from a height

You can break the safe by using the brute force of dropping it on the ground from a height. Just go to a higher level and drop the safe straight down. The sheer force of the fall should be enough to break the thing.

If the safe doesn’t get broken on the first try then, drop it again. It’s sure to break on the second or the third attempt.

Final words

We hope that our article has helped you to crack open the sentry safe that you have forgotten the combination to. One thing you should remember is that this article is supposed to help you open your own safe. Don’t ever open a safe that doesn’t belong to you by using the methods listed above. As that would be illegal.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while opening the safe with a key. Placing things inside the keyhole could damage the lock. The paperclip could break or get stuck inside the keyhole.

If you don’t enough any experience in picking locks, you should visit the sentry safe website and request them to provide you with a replacement combination code.


How to Pick a Sentry Safe Lock

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