Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive?

Have you ever wondered while shopping for a gun safe, why are gun safes so expensive? You basically have to spend a small fortune in order to purchase a gun safe. Such a large investment can’t be made on a whim.

And so, we want to consider your options and learn about why a gun safe is expensive so that you can make an informed choice. Let’s delve deep into the heart of the matter and talk about what you can do about it.

Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive

Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive?

Gun safes might seem to be unreasonably expensive. However, once you think about why that is; you start to understand that the price kind of makes sense. First of all, you should consider what gun safes are made of.

As you’re probably aware, the walls of gun safes are primarily built with heavy gauge steel. The heavier the steel is the harder it is to break into the safe. And making a steel safe is quite expensive.

On the other hand, gun safes aren’t just steel boxes where you put your guns and ammo in. They also have sophisticated locking systems. Some have keypad locking systems while others have biometric fingerprint sensors. That’s also a factor that causes the price of a gun safe to increase.

How Much Does a Gun Safe Even Cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the community. And that’s quite understandable. Before you can comprehend why gun safes are so expensive, you might first have an idea about how much they actually cost.

There’s a straight answer to this question. The best we can give you is, the price of the gun safe depends on a lot of factors and the price can range from $200, all the way up to $10,000.

Why is there such a difference between the prices of gun safes? I hear you ask. Well, the price of a gun safe varies based on some crucial factors, and down below we will break them down for your better understanding:

Size of the Safe

It’s true; size does matter when it comes to shopping for a gun safe. The size of the gun safe is the definitive factor that controls the price of the gun safe. If you only own a regular handgun and some ammunition, then you can buy a compact biometric gun safe for just $200-$300.

But if you have a whole inventory of guns and rifles, then you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to safely store all those firearms in a gun safe.

External Features

The price also depends on the bells and whistles that come with the gun safe. For instance, some gun safes come with a fabric interior that also has interior lighting. This feature makes it easy for you to navigate through the gun safe even in the dark.

Some might have a biometric locking system and many other interesting features. Those features can hike up the price of the safe.


What most people get wrong about gun safes is that they think gun safes are absolutely secured. But that’s not true, and please don’t fall a victim to the clever marketing ploy of the manufacturers.

How much you spend on purchasing a gun safe also determines how secure your guns will be inside that safe. Expensive gun safes have reinforced doors, secured locking mechanisms, and pry-resistant locking bars. So, if it’s security you’re after, then you better be prepared to spend some cash.

Fire Protection

You might be thinking that you don’t need fire protection, but you never know when an accident can take place. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

And so, if you opt to get a gun safe that offers fire safety, you have to pay some extra money for that. A good gun safe is capable of protecting your firearms from fire for roughly two and a half hours.

Are There Cheaper Options Out There?

Well, of course, there is! Almost all types of expensive products in the market have some form of cheaper alternatives. But you should ask yourself if they are worth buying or not.

For every iPhone model that comes out each year, you can easily find a cheap knock-off of that phone. But they aren’t the same, are they?

If you make a budget of $100 to $200, you can buy a small steel gun safe or a gun cabinet. But they aren’t that secured and a burglar will be able to easily smash through it as if it was nothing. So, we suggest you save up some money and buy a well-reviewed gun safe that’s made by a renowned brand.

Here’s How Much You Should Spend on a Gun Safe

No matter how expensive gun safes may seem to you, it’s an undeniable fact that every gun owner needs a gun safe to protect his/her firearms from unauthorized access. With that out of the way, let’s discuss how much you should actually spend on such a safe.

You primarily have two options on your hands. You could buy a premium-grade, expensive safe that’ll protect your guns from all types of external threats. And you can put it in a place that’s accessible and visible to everyone.

And the other option is that you can buy an inexpensive gun safe that has good reviews, and you keep it in a secluded place where no one but yourself will be able to find it.

Both of the options are fine by our book. If you want to go with the first option, you should expect to spend roughly $1000-$2000.

And if you want to go with the inexpensive option, try to make a budget on a range of $200-$700.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it all boils down to what you want out of your gun safe. The cost of a gun safe entirely depends on your preferences and your requirements. They are indeed a bit expensive. But as you’re now aware, there is a good reason for that.

Hopefully, our article about “Why are gun safes so expensive?” has helped you gain an insight into the matter, and it will help you make the appropriate budget while buying a gun safe.

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